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A fresh, woody and boldly aromatic fragrance opening with a crisp lift of juniper, paired with clean citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot.

These notes resonate with heady florals of jasmine and lavender alongside earthier tones of orris and oud. The woods and spice develop throughout, maturing with warm sensual hues, embodying the craftsmanship of fine tailoring.

Aromatic, Woody

Fragrance Notes

Mandarin | Bergamot | Juniper

Lavender | Jasmine | Orris | Oud

Sandalwood | Boisamber | Frankincense

Created in collaboration with English shirtmakers Turnbull & Asser and named after their flagship store at 71/72 Jermyn Street, London.

The partnership between Floris and Turnbull & Asser began in spring 2015. James Fayed of Turnbull & Asser commissioned Floris to create a small batch of fragrances. Hand-poured in limited volume on Jermyn Street, we made these available locally to our St. James’s customers. The fragrance struck a chord and was released into the Floris Private Collection through increased demand.

This is a scent that represents a shared passion for refined craftsmanship and the values of the people behind the product. Confident and understated. Elegant yet eccentric.

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