Oud Nobile Candle
Oud Nobile Candle
Oud Nobile Candle
Oud Nobile Candle

Oud Nobile Candle

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With its singular and precious character, Oud Nobile is a fragrance that conquers little by little. This fragrance is enclosed in a precious gold-coloured glass vase that decorates and perfumes your spaces, and invites you to experience the rarity of "liquid gold" in candle format. The oud, skilfully combined with the notes of neroli and bergamot, incense and myrrh, amber, and sandalwood, seduces your senses and thrills them. Experience the allure and rarity of "liquid gold" in an unparalleled olfactory blend.

Oud Nobile transports you to the Middle East, historically the bridge between the Western and Eastern worlds. Here the oud resin is still the protagonist of a fascinating welcome ceremony, as it's burned to  envelop the most important guests in its magical aura.

Olfactory Pyramid

  • Bergamot, Neroli 
  • Oud, Myrrh, Frankincense, Amber, Sandalwood
  • Guajaco Wood, Musk, Nagarmotha

Oud Nobile has a precious personality with neroli and bergamot at the top, oud, myrrh, incense, amber, and sandalwood at the heart, with musk and precious woods at the base. 

Useful information

The candle must be placed in an upright position on a clean, heat-resistant surface, away from any air currents or flammable materials;

Cut the wick to a height of about 1 cm. Ensure that the melted wax is free of dust or other residues to avoid the risk of creating uncontrollable flames;

Do not place the candle on polished or painted surfaces, on top of electrical equipment, or near or on top of sources of heat;

Do not light the candle if the glass is broken or damaged. If this is the case, we recommend contacting our Customer Service team.



Check that the wicks are not too close to the glass. If this is the case, use a wick straightener to return them to an upright position;

Always leave a space of at least 15 cm between two burning candles.

To extinguish the candle, use special tools, avoiding blowing or using liquid.

Before leaving the room, ensure that the candle is completely extinguished and that the wick is no longer burning;

80g: 1
200g: 1
500g: 3
1kg: 6
3kg: 8

Base Ø x Height
80g: 6,2x6,8cm
200g: 9x9cm
500g: 12x12cm
1kg: 15x17cm
3kg: 19x24cm

80g: 6,5x6,5 - h 7,4cm
200g: 9,3x9,3 - h 9,5cm
500g: 12,3x12,3 - h 13cm
1kg: 15x15 - h 18,5cm
3kg: 18,8x18,8 - h 26cm

The burning times are indicative and assume the correct use of the candle; they are subject to variation due to the environment in which the candle is used and the consecutive hours of burn.
80g: approx. 18h
200g: approx. 40h
500g: approx. 50h
1kg: approx. 120h
3kg: approx. 200h

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