Honey Oud
Honey Oud

Honey Oud

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Known for its smoothness, the formula strikes the perfect balance between rich rose, golden English honey, and deep notes of oud oil.

The piquancy of the honey emerges first with subtle vanilla undertones, before leading into the oud heart note as it settles on the skin. A gourmand accord of English honey and vanilla combine to add a velvet softness to the oud oil. Combined, they accentuate the subtle rose at the heart of this complex fragrance.

Gourmand, Amber

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot | Honey

Oud | Patchouli | Rose

Amber | Labdanum | Oud | Musk | Vanilla

Embracing the opportunity to work with intoxicating oud oil for new Eau de Parfums to be launched into the Private Collection, the perfumery team at Floris explored several directions before arriving at two main themes, a complementary fragrance duo collection, Honey Oud and Leather Oud.

Honey Oud takes inspiration from Baklava, an intricate dessert delicately made with layers of pastry infused with honey and vanilla. This rich fragrance is complemented by the deep oud theme of the scent.

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