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A woody fougère with its origins in the timeless sandalwoods of a bygone era, Santal is a contemporary archetype of our men’s signature collection.

Warm spices of black pepper, nutmeg and clove are woven with a sensual aromatic heart of lavender. The perfume's success lies in the complex woody oriental base blended perfectly with dry woods of sandalwood, cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver which are complimented with frankincense, musk, tonka and vanilla.

Fougère, Woody

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot | Black Pepper | Cardamom | Green Grass | Lemon

Clove Bud | Lavender | Nutmeg

Amber | Cedarwood | Frankincense | Musk | Sandalwood | Vanilla | Vetiver

Santal takes its inspiration from a Floris Sandalwood fragrance, originally created in the 1800s. A fragrance that captures the mystique and allure of the East, a journey to the heart of India, where the scent of sandalwood fills the air. A perfume created with the finest sandalwood oil and blended with a selection of other precious essences.

Rejoicing its distinctive makeup as a true signature scent, Santal is a fragrance to excite the senses. A timeless sandalwood fragrance which embodies elegance, luxury, and a touch of exotic mystery. Perfect for after-dark soirees, distinctive entrances, and crisp mornings.

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