Soulle Ámbar
Soulle Ámbar

Soulle Ámbar

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Conjure sun-filled days and languid evenings where opulent sparks of pineapple and zesty citrus drift on the breeze.

Lentisque and galbanum create an elegant, modern green accord. This is balanced with fresh, crisp fruit before opening up to a rich floral heart of jasmine, geranium and melilot. These are complimented with spicy resinous notes and tingling pink peppercorns.

A spirit of adventure, a statement of freedom, Soulle Ámbar excites the senses. This fragrance anticipates new discoveries just over the horizon, inviting you to embrace life and take a chance.

Citrus, Amber

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot | Galbanum | Pineapple | Lentisque

Pink Peppercorn | Geranium | Jasmine | Melilot

Amber | Vanilla | Musk

Inspired by Floris founder Juan Famenias Floris’s roots on the Balearic island of Minorca, the fragrance embodies a leisurely Mediterranean spirit. The name Soulle translates from Spanish as 'sunlight and eastern wind'.

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