Special No. 127
Special No. 127

Special No. 127

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A refreshing citrus blend of bergamot and orange with petitgrain introduce the heart of lavender and geranium.

Along with the scent of neroli in this citrus floral fragrance, patchouli and musk add depth and character.

It is hard to imagine Special No. 127 was created over one hundred years ago. It has remained timeless and relevant to every twist and turn since its creation. Special No. 127 is discreet, fresh and has an air of sartorial style with a touch of Floris's historic elegance.

Citrus, Floral

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot | Lavender | Orange | Petitgrain

Geranium | Neroli | Rose | Ylang Ylang

Musk | Patchouli

Special No. 127 was created in 1890 for Russia’s Prince Orloff and named ‘Orloff Special’. Later the fragrance was launched into the Floris repertoire having been renamed after the page in the ‘Specials’ formula book in which the recipe was recorded.

The fragrance has become a favourite with many over the years – both men and women. Devoted followers included Eva Peron and Winston Churchill. A receipt sent to Winston Churchill for an order including Special No. 127 still sits in the cabinets at 89 Jermyn Street, while his ledgers remain on display in our perfumery.

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